Your Privacy

At Topia, we take your privacy very seriously and will always go above and beyond to ensure your data and information is protected at all times. We use best in class practices to keep your data safe and are committed to GDPR compliance meaning your data is protected by EU law.

You can get as much detail as you want in the documents linked below

Our privacy documents

View our Privacy Notice here (last updated Aug 2020)

View our External Data Processors (last updated Aug 2020)

Our Privacy Notice explains and describes:

  1. Who we are.
  2. How we collect your personal data.
  3. Legal basis for usage of your personal data.
  4. How we use the personal data we collect.
  5. How and when we may disclose personal data that we collect.
  6. How long we hold your personal data.
  7. How we protect your personal data and keep it secure.
  8. What happens when you access third-party services and content.
  9. Your legal choices and rights.
  10. The status of this Privacy Notice and any changes that are made to it.
  11. How to request further information plus our contact details.