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$79/month. Make money from your hustle in 90 days or get your money back

Meet your coaches

Grant Sabatier

Founding father of FI-Preneurship and author of international best selling book, Financial Freedom.

Side hustle income: $10k+/mo

Hustles: 5

Logan Leckie

With a wide variety of side hustles under his belt, Logan's passion is helping others start and scale their hustles.

Side hustle income: $3k/mo

Hustles: 2

Jay Coelho

Jay has never had a W2, she's spent the last 20 years hustling to unlock a life on her terms.

Side hustle income: Top Secret

Hustles: 3+

Topia FI is the fastest way to freedom

Topia FI

Average time to FI: 6 months

Become a FI-preneur and build front loaded side hustles to unlock freedom in your life immediately.

  • Building businesses is fun
  • More resistant to economic downturn
  • Takes more effort and perserverance
  • Can be difficult to get started


Traditional FI

Average time to FI: 12 years

Work a tradtional job, pinch pennies and optimize your investment rate to reach FI slowly via compound interest.

  • Requires less effort but more time
  • Easy to follow and implement
  • Monotonous and repetitive
  • Susceptible to volatile markets


/fiprəˈnʊr/ noun

Someone who has achieved financial independence at an accelerated rate through side hustles and passive income.

Topia FI

/ˈtō-pē-ə fi/ noun

The moment your frontloaded side hustle income covers your monthly expenditures

Side hustle

/sīd 'həs(ə)l/ noun

Semi-passive income streams that require up-front work so that you're not trading all your time for money

What's Included

Step 1

Start your hustle

  • Weekly side hustle group coaching call
  • 24/7 access to your coaches
  • Watch the Topia team build side hustles live
  • Access to side hustle playbooks and guides
  • Chat with fellow FI-Preneurs to help you validate your hustle ideas

Step 2

Grow your hustle

  • Monthly Q&A with Grant Sabatier
  • Tap into the hive mind of hustlers on our private community to help you scale and hit your goals
  • Learn from our expert guest speakers

Step 3

Live freely

  • Quarterly 1 on 1 goal setting session
  • Quarterly 1 on 1 FI planning and money mindset session
  • Access to tools to help you plan your freedom
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Meet some of our FI-Preneurs


Pet Photography

My side hustle allowed me to quit my full-time job in December of 2022 and now I spend my days on my own terms doing what I love and growing my business.


3D Printing

After hearing about Topia FI I bought a 3D printer and started up my own printing hustle. With the help of the FI-Preneur community I am well on my way to becoming a FI-preneur.



Through FI-Preneurship I was able to convert my passion into a side hustle and start generating income from my wolf conservation blog.



My antiques, vintage & collectibles eBay business has allowed me to retire early and work part-time on my own terms doing something that I love.

My eBay store

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90 spots left in the next cohort


Make money from your hustle in 90 days or get your money back