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Financial Independence

Topia gives you the power to reach financial independence and choose how you spend your time

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At Topia our mission is to give you the power to achieve financial independence

Tools, expertise and inspiration so you master your future - faster.

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Connect all your investment and debt accounts

Your Topia is personal to YOU. Connect all your accounts and craft your very own roadmap to Financial Independence. This is your Topia.

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Reach freedom sooner

Tinker with your numbers to understand 'What if?' and what changes you can make to master your financial destiny sooner

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It doesn’t have to be all or nothing – Topia helps wherever you are on your FI journey

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Topia is registered with the FCA (FRN: 934702) and authorised as a PSD Agent.

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Topia uses the best of the best: 256-bit encryption to connect to your institute

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We never sell your data, ever.

Topia is registered with the information commission office (ICO - ZA778054)